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6times5 is a word-guessing game that challenges you to guess a hidden 5-letter English word in a maximum of six attempts. The game is completely free and can be played online with hundreds of thousands of other players.

To start playing, simply type any 5-letter English word in the first line. The game will then show you which letters in your word are present in the hidden solution word and where they appear. If a letter in your word is colored green, it means that it appears in the same position in the solution word. If a letter is colored yellow, it means that it appears in the solution word but in a different position. If none of the letters are colored, it means that they are not present in the solution word.

Based on the feedback you receive after each guess, you can refine your guess and try to guess the hidden word in the fewest attempts possible. The game is updated with a new word every day, and all players are trying to guess the same word.

Some more information about 6times5 games:


  • Free to play
  • Daily updated word
  • Online multiplayer game
  • Improves vocabulary and language skills

Tips to win:

  • Start with a word that includes all different letters to eliminate non-matching letters as quickly as possible.
  • Use logic and deduction to narrow down the possible solution words with each guess.
  • Keep track of the letters and their positions in the solution word with each guess to help eliminate possibilities.
  • Look for patterns and similarities between the words you guess and the feedback you receive to help narrow down the possibilities.
  • Practice regularly to improve your vocabulary and language skills, which will help you guess the solution word more easily.

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