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Box Office Game

The basic gameplay is the same in both Wordle and The Box Office Game, yet they are very distinct games. What must you do, then? You'll be assigned a random weekend in the game and asked to predict the top 5 domestic US box office hits for that particular weekend. Additionally, you will notice some helpful details like the studio name, weekend gross sales, overall revenue, the number of weeks it ran on the specified weekend, and more. Seems challenging? It might not be the case for the majority of cinephiles. For the rest of us, though, the game provides hints, but at a cost.

You only have five chances to predict the correct answers, thus you are not allowed to choose even one incorrect response. You receive 200 points for each correct guess in the game, plus an additional 200 points for correctly guessing every response. But you also receive more cues to figure out the movies. You can request information about the movie's slogan, genre, director, top two actors, and more. However, the cost of all this information is between 10 and 80 points. You can also check the movie's narrative for an incredible 180 points! You will be shown the solution and lose that round as soon as you have used all of your clues, which are worth 200 points. As you might have guessed by now, the goal of the Wordle substitute is to complete the problem with as many points as you can out of a possible 1200.

Thus, you can check out the game if the Box Office Game appeals to the cinephile in you.

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