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In the game Countryle, which is similar to Globle, you must identify the country of the day without any prior guidance. This game is played on every Country's Day and holiday as a party game for everyone in one room. The object of the game is for everyone in the room to guess together which country each person represents by showing an accessory or clothing item. You also have limited time to complete the round. If you make a mistake at any point during the game, then it’s game over!

Rules: You need to be quick but not too fast so that other people can also get a chance to answer and not be accused of stealing someone else’s turn. People who are new should be given more time than people who know how this works already so that everyone gets equal chances at answering regardless of their experience level.

Countryle is a fun word-guessing game. To play you need to know the country of the day and not much else. It has a wide variety of different countries where you can play and even though it is simple in its design, it’s still pretty challenging. There are no free hints or anything like that. You have to spend some real money if you want to get any help from them with your game. Have fun!


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