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Feudle is an online word-guessing game that challenges players to guess a secret word that Google autocomplete suggests. The game provides six attempts for the players to guess the word, and it offers visual feedback in the form of color-coded tiles to help players narrow down their guesses.

To begin the game, a player is presented with a search query that starts with a specific phrase. The player must guess the word that Google autocomplete suggests to complete the search query. The game provides a set of tiles that represent the letters of the word. The tiles are arranged in a horizontal line that indicates the number of letters in the word. The game also provides a set of letter tiles that the player can use to guess the word.

When the player enters a letter, the game checks if the letter is part of the secret word. If the letter is correct, the game places the letter in the corresponding tile and highlights the tile with green color. If the letter is not correct, the game highlights the tile with red color. The game also provides visual feedback for partially correct guesses by highlighting the tiles with yellow color.

The game allows the player to guess the word up to six times. After each guess, the game provides feedback on the correctness of the guess and updates the color coding of the tiles accordingly. The player can use the feedback to narrow down the possible words and make more informed guesses in subsequent attempts.

Overall, Feudle is a fun and challenging game that tests the player's vocabulary and deduction skills. The game is free to play and accessible through any web browser.

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