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Flaggle is a fast-paced word game for three to six players. Players take turns adding letter tiles to a common word, trying to be the first to use all their tiles and win the game. The catch? Players can only add letters that are found in the word FLAGGLE.

If you know your Etymology, this game is an archaic version of Flageolet (a small flute) or Flagrant (Exciting with fire or passion). If you don’t, then it might seem a little tricky at first… until you get going and realize how challenging it is to put together a winning word from such unusual letters!

In this amazing game, each player gets 22 letter tiles of different values. The vocabulary card dictates which letters players must make to win the game – usually 3-6 total. Players take turns adding one tile at a time from their hand, so long as its value exactly matches one of the existing letters in FLAGGLE. You may not place any tile if it has no matching value or creates an invalid word.

Flaggle - it’s fast, it’s fun! This game brings together your inner word nerd with your social side as you compete against friends in this quick-paced game of combining and recombining letters to make words.

In this game, players take turns being the caller. The caller gives instructions to the other players on how to combine letters to form one-word answers. Players race to find a word that meets the caller’s criteria and keep their hands on their flaggles (the little flags representing your team) while doing so. Players who fail to find a correct answer must put this game back on the table. If you can’t find a word within three attempts, you have to put your game back on the table as well.

The caller then chooses another player, who becomes the caller for the next round. The First team to get rid of all its flagglest wins!

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