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Globe is a fun word-guessing game inspired by the famous Wordle game, players have a set number of tries to correctly identify a country. Players must guess the right letters in the proper order after being given the number of letters in the country's name by the game. Participants have a set amount of chances to correctly identify the nation, and the speed at which they do so determines how many points they receive.

Players can challenge their friends to see who can predict the country's name faster by playing the game once every day. For those who enjoy both word searches and geography, Globe is a fantastic game.

Tips for winning the game include paying attention to the number of letters given and beginning by guessing vowels first because they are typically more prevalent in nation names. Also, it may be beneficial to limit the selections based on the given letters and consider nations that have the same amount of letters as the one provided.


  • Playing the game every day presents a pleasant challenge because players are only allowed to play it once per day.
  • Three different degrees of difficulty—easy, medium, and hard—are available in this game.
  • Players can view their position in relation to other players on the leaderboard.
  • Players can challenge their friends to play and post their scores on social media as part of the game's social aspects.


  • Gamers only get so many chances to guess a country's name correctly.
  • The number of letters in the proper nation name is provided by the game.
  • Depending on how quickly they correctly guess the country's name, players receive points.
  • The game can only be played once per day per player.

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