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The objective of a Gordle is to find patterns within a set of input words. The space for patterns in these types of puzzles is usually very limited, and the clues required to solve them are often very simple.

The first type of Gordle can be found in logic puzzles — they are also known as Permutation Puzzles or Inversion Puzzles.

These puzzles test your logical thinking skills by asking you to find specific solutions for certain given words. For example, if we ask you to solve “GORGLED - A term used to describe something that has been subjected to extensive testing and revision but still remains poor.’” — You need to figure out what these changes were and why it resulted in the word being described as GORGLED.

Another type of Gordle is an anagram puzzle — they are also referred to as scrambled word puzzles. In these types of puzzles, a set of letters is arranged in such a way that it forms a new word or phrase when read backward or rearranged into a different order (reversed). Here’s an example — if we ask you to complete the phrase with GORBLE instead of ORBLE then your solution will be GOREBLESTORE instead.

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