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Vignesh Venkat, a software student and game enthusiast from San Francisco, created the Wordle variation called Hardle (not just the digital kind). In terms of design, idea, and gameplay, it is a riff that stays quite true to the original. I was unsure about Hardle because it describes itself as "Hard Wordle" before I actually started using it. How challenging could it be? Soon enough, you'll learn the truth.

Hardle is a daily word game that presents you with a mystery word, just like Wordle. However, you have 8 chances (compared to 6 in Wordle) to identify the secret word. Game employs pink, blue, and gray colors instead of Wordle's feedback's green, gray, and yellow hues. Here comes the twist. 

These pink and blue hues are like cheeky twins who switch between them at will. That instance, if today's blue tiles contain the partially correct letters and today's pink tiles hold the all-correct letters, tomorrow they may exchange places, and this unpredictability is what distinguishes Hardle as the "Hard Wordle."

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