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Letterle is an Italian word game for two players. It has been played since the 16th century and is still quite popular today.

It is played on a standard letter-sized grid, and the object of the game is to create words from tiles. The player with the most points at the end of a game wins. The game has a large variety of rules and variants, but these all center around creating words from tiles, and you'll see those mechanics repeated in nearly every rule below.

There are an infinite number of possible combinations of the 26 letters available in English, so you can play indefinitely without repeating any words (although you might get the same word if you keep playing again and again). However, there are only six-letter tiles available in each category. This helps you keep things fresh but limits the extent to which you can specialize in any one area.

Here is how to play Letterle with two people:

You start by reading a numbered list of words, each one slightly different from the others. The first player writes down as many words as possible that begin with the first letter of the list. The second player reads every word and tries to find a match in their list. After all, players have submitted their answers, the list is usually read again and new words are added until no one can come up with any more new words and only their old answers remain on the board. Once all letters have been used in your answer, you must discard your letter card and draw another one from that same pile.

The word letter combinations in Letterle are different from those in Scrabble, thus making it a unique word game for all the family. Have fun!


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