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Making Words

Making Words is the classic word game you have been looking for. The goal of this word game is to create as many words with the given letters as possible. The letters you are given are arranged in a grid, and one letter at a time is revealed. The objective is to use the letters in any way that does not include repeating any letter. That means if there are three red letters, then using those red letters again would result in repeating one of them, so do not include them in your new word.

There is a timer that indicates when the next letter will be revealed, so you must think fast and move quickly to come up with clever words before the next letter appears! In this article we will tell you how to play Making Words, strategies for playing it well, and tips on how to become a better player of this fascinating word game.

Making Words is a word game with hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. It’s the only game that makes words with letters instead of letters with words! You solve word puzzles and make the letters you need to spell words. The more you play, the better you will get at it!

Game Features:

- Spell real English words

- Hundreds of challenging levels

- Earn Achievements

- Compete against your friends on Facebook

- Join or create clans

- Play offline without an internet connection

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