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Rolldle game, a Wordle clone. Fans of Destiny 2 are asked to estimate certain bonuses and masterworks of legendary weapons.

Rolldle's data is derived from the "" website. One of the "top [sites] to locate weapon god rolls, explore theory crafter recommended perks, read reviews of your favorite things (or create your own), compete on collecting leaderboards, and much more" is The website enjoys enormous acclaim among Destiny 2 players.

Rolldle was initially created as an April Fools joke.'s developer Afpac built Rolldle in under twelve hours as a joke. However, Rolldle had a resoundingly favorable response. Within twenty-four hours, there were approximately three million page visits, and Destiny 2 players gleefully bragged to their fellow Guardians about their accomplishments. Rolldle will continue to be accessible on at least temporarily, according to a recent announcement from Afpac, which was really pleased with the feedback.

Players have six attempts to correctly predict the weapon roll. Both the masterpiece and all four advantages must be guessed. If the player correctly guesses, a green checkmark will appear next to the perk/masterpiece. Whether not, arrows will show "if the response in each column is more or less popular than your pick." An arrow pointing down denotes a perk that is less popular than the player's prediction, while an arrow pointing up denotes a benefit that is more popular. Players have two options: wait and estimate a new roll every day, or enable "unlimited" mode, which lets them guess rolls as much as they like. In, the masterworks and perks are ranked according to user comments.

All of the available rolls are for existing Legendary weapons that can come with random rolls. This excludes Sunset, Nightfall, Adept, and Time lost weapons, as well as the new craftable weapons. There is a full list of roughly 200 possible Rolldle weapons available on

Many players would likely be decent at guessing “god rolls” or “S-tier” weapons. Most players are likely seeking out or have already received the Legendary Sword Half-Truths with the perk “Eager Edge" and could therefore easily guess that this is an S-tier perk. However, the game also tasks players with guessing less popular rolls. For example, we needed to guess a “C-tier” roll of Legendary Sidearm The Vision. Overall, the game is quite fun, especially if you are an avid Destiny 2 player.

All of the rolls that are accessible are for actual legendary weapons that have the option of random rolls. This does not apply to the new craftable weapons as well as the Sunset, Nightfall, Adept, and Time lost weapons. On, a complete list of all 200 potential Rolldle weaponry is accessible.

It's conceivable that many players are competent at predicting "god rolls" or "S-tier" weaponry. The majority of players are probably looking for or already have the Legendary Sword Half-Truths with the perk "Eager Edge," making it simple to deduce that this is an S-tier perk. The game also requires players to estimate less common rolls. For instance, we had to guess a Legendary Sidearm The Vision roll of the "C-tier." In general, the game is enjoyable, especially if you are a die-hard Destiny 2 fan.

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