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The Reader's Encounter

A word jigsaw puzzle game is called The Reader's Encounter. You must arrange the appropriate words to finish each scenario's phrase. It will test your logical thinking and quick response times as you race to finish reading a story before time runs out!

• Over 300 Scenarios with increasing difficulty

• New scenarios are released regularly

• Play against your friends on the Leaderboard

The object of The Reader’s Encounter is to make words appear in their correct order before the timer runs out. Each round is divided into five phases: Move Words, Read Words, Check Words, Restrict Words and Score.

During Move Words, you can move one or two words at a time by dragging them with your finger; however, you cannot rotate or resize these words. During Read Words, you can only read the words displayed onscreen and must place them in their correct order before they disappear; however, they will not be scored if they have been read incorrectly.

Finally during Check Words and Restrict Words there are specific requirements that must be met to successfully complete the round; for example, there may be more than one word that needs to be restricted or all of the words may be read correctly. Scoring happens in three phases: Reading (words read), Checking (words checked and scores added up), and Restricting (restricted words controlled). If any phase fails then nothing will happen at a scoring time and will continue until something works or all three phases fail consecutively.

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