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Wizarding Wordle

Have you ever wished there was a Harry Potter version of the word-guessing game Wordle? Well, now there is! Introducing: Wizarding Wordle!

Wizards love words. More than that, they love their own secret words: a private language known only to other wizards and known as “Wizarding”.

Harry Potter is a series that can be read and reread. It’s also a series that inspires its readers to learn new things about the world around them. This activity will test your Harry Potter knowledge by turning obscure details from the books into an exciting word game. The goal? Help Harry, Ron, and Hermione find their way out of the labyrinthine dungeons of Malfoy Manor in as few hints as possible!

This game is similar to Wordle in that you must find specific words hidden within a jumble of letters. However, instead of being general categories such as animals or colors, these words are all related to the Harry Potter series in some way. With 60 words in total, this game is perfect for playing with friends while getting a bit more acquainted with your favorite characters and places from the books.

Since we now live in a world where you can make Harry Potter word puzzles that look like this, anything is possible. Even if you don’t have the coding skills to create your own magical game like this, you can still get inspired by the creators of the Wizarding Wordle and use it as inspiration for your next project.


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